Ceramic Fiber is a new type of fire-resistant insulation material with integrated fire resistance, heat separation and thermal insulation functions, containing no binding agent and maintains good tensile strength, toughness, and the fibrous structure when used in a neutral or oxidized atmosphere.
If you need industrial high temp insulation, the best option is to use ceramic fiber insulation. More specifically, if you require insulation for low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock, then you will want to use a ceramic fiber blanket.

KENWORKS VENTURES COMPANY LIMITED is one of the leading key suppliers of refractory ceramic fiber insulation products in the Kenyan Market. Products such as ceramic fiber blanket, Ceramic Fiber Ropes, Ceramic Fiber Tapes, Ceramic Fiber Modules, ceramic fiber board, and ceramic fiber paper are all used in industrial high-temperature insulation applications. Above all, our products exhibit high-temperature stability. Most noteworthy, temperatures up to 1430°C (2600°F). As a result, there are many benefits of ceramic fiber such as low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, lightweight, and superior corrosion resistance. Finally, ceramic fiber can be used for thermal processing in a great variety of high-temperature industries such as iron, steel, aluminum, copper, refinery, glass, cement, automotive, and industrial furnaces.

Below is a list of Kenworks Ventures Company Limited Ceramic Fiber product lines:

1. Ceramic Fiber Blankets
2. Ceramic Fiber Rope & Braid
3. Ceramic Fiber Tape
4. Ceramic Fiber Cloth
5. Ceramic Fiber Yarn/Thread
6. Ceramic Fiber Board
7. Ceramic Fiber Module
8. Ceramic Fiber Paper
9. Ceramic Fiber Bulk