Have you ever had a cold or the flu with a sudden fever spike, causing your temperature to rise? It’s not fun to feel that way, is it? Being sick and overheated causes a person to be tired, and their performance drops significantly. Now imagine this same situation happening to your automotive engine; be it your car or generator. When your radiator is not working properly, it is like giving your engine a fever. This not only harms performance, but also can cause major damage. Your radiator is one of your engine’s essential components. The radiator displaces heat caused by your engine in order to keep the engine cool and running correctly. Should your radiator experience problems, such as a leak, it is crucial that you take immediate repair action to avoid other asociated costly damages.

It is for these reasons that your radiator needs regular/periodic repair, service and maintenance.

Kenworks Ventures Company Limited has grown to widen its focus to the Assembly, Servicing & Repair of all types of Radiators, Oil Coolers and Air Conditioners among many others. We do Complete Assembly, Re-coring, Re-conditioning, Repair & Sevicing of both metallic and plastic radiators. Repair, Service and maintainance majorly entails periodically cleaning both the inside and outside of the radiator, unblocking of clogged radiator tubes and sealing of leakages to facilitate smooth flow of the coolant.