HTH Calcium Hypochlorite 90% (Chlorine 90%) in Nairobi Kenya

Kenworks Ventures Company Limited is the leading supplier of Calcium Hypochlorite 90% (Chlorine 90%) in Nairobi Kenya. Commonly used for water treatment in swimming pools. Call us today to place an order through +254 722 706 416. Note that bulk buying attracts quantity discounts.

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It’s white or grayish white, granular powdered solid with the special pungent odor, being corrosive and toxic. When it is dissolved in water, it gives off lots of heat and nascent oxygen. When it reacts with organic substance and oils, it brings about the combustion and explosion because of violent decomposition

It is a high dissolvable calcium hypochlorite, having powerful bleaching and germical functions, being used for powerful bleaching agent in the textile and paper industries, and used for germicide(or sterilizer)in the treatment of industrial sewage, sanitation anti-epidemic and household sanitary installations, as well as swimming pools, potable water, vegetables. Silk worm breeding and other ways.


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