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Fiberglass Insulation Blanket 15m*1.2m*50mm

Kenworks Ventures Company LimitedFiberglass insulation blankets in Kenya have continued to rise in demand due to their versatile applications, affordable prices and availability. Fiberglass insulation involves the use of the glass wool blankets to stop the transfer of heat or sound from one surface to another.

Fiberglass blankets used in Kenya are made from extremely fine fibers of glass that are span into blankets rolls or batts. Fiberglass in used industries and domestic applications for mainly two things:

1) Thermal Insulation

2) Sound Insulation.




Fiberglass Thermal Insulation

Since fiberglass blankets are made from glass fibers and plastic matrix, it is a poor conductor of heat making it suitable for insulation. Fiberglass blankets have R-value of 2.5 – 3.0 per inch, thus making them suitable for insulation in many places. Additionally, it is important to note the fiberglass insulation rolls have a thermal resistance of 500°C, which makes them suitable for application in diverse places. The fiberglass blankets sold in Kenya have a layer of aluminium foil which makes the blankets more efficient in stopping the radiant heat.

Application of Fiberglass Thermal Insulation in Kenya

The following are the main places fiberglass insulation blankets are applied in both domestic and industrial uses.

  1. Pipe Insulation (Lagging): Due to their flexible and lightweight nature, fiberglass rolls are used in lagging pipes in the various industries. their thermal insulation properties allow them to be used to insulate pipes of temperature ranges of from 0oC to 500o This makes them ideal to industries that deal with chemicals or steam pipes.
  2. Tank Wrapping: Industries dealing with fuels or other flammable fluids use fiberglass blankets or rockwool blankets to keep them cool. The flexibility of glass wool blankets allows them to used on both even and uneven surfaces.
  3. Cold Rooms and Shipping Containers: Companies dealing with perishable goods such as horticultural produce or other products that require to be kept at low temperature require cold rooms. Fiberglass blanket form an important material in the construction of cold rooms due to low cost and thermal insulation properties.
  4. Residential Houses and Offices: many parts of the country experience varied weather conditions i.e. hot conditions in the coastal and arid areas and cool and cold climate in the highlands. Fiberglass blankets are used in those houses to keep them cool during hot weather and warm during the cold weathers.
  5. Ovens, Barbecue and Fire Places: Fiberglass is one of the materials used in Kenya for oven insulation. These includes food ovens like pizza, chicken, cake, loaf ovens or industrial ovens.

Below are images of common applications and installations:

1.Fiberglass Insulation on an Industrial Building

fiberglass-insulation-in-kenya Kenworks Ventures Company Limited


2.Pipe Lagging using Fiberglass Blanket

fiberglass-blanket-pipe-lagging-in- Kenya Kenworks Ventures Company Limited


3. Fiberglass Insulated Oven


fiberglass-oven insulation-kenya Kenworks Ventures Company Limited

Fiberglass Sound Insulation

Fiberglass blankets have good Sound insulation properties. The 50mm thickness we have in stock have a Noise Reduction Co-efficient (NRC) of 0.80 which is way ahead of many other sound insulation materials available in our East African market.

Application of Fiberglass Sound Insulation in Kenya

The following are some of the in applications fiberglass wool roll:

  1. Studios and Audition Halls: Fiberglass sound absorption characteristics are used in the construction of music studios, media studios or audition halls.
  2. Boardroom and Offices: The privacy of many offices is kept by using fiberglass blankets on the walls to ensure they are soundproof.
  3. Hospitals and Schools: Due to rapid industrialization in the country, hospitals and schools are finding themselves in the middle of noisy industries or busy roads. To make their environment conducive, fiberglass rolls are used on the walls to make them soundproof.
  4. Residential Houses: Fiberglass insulation to soundproof houses near busy roads or industries. This also includes the containerand sheet houses.
  5. Entertainment Clubs: To ensure the night clubs and other joints do not disturb their neighborhoods, they are insulated with glass wool blankets.
  6. Cars and Matatus: Fiberglass is also used for vehicle insulation in Kenya. Cars and matatus with loud music systems use fiberglass to keep them soundproof. Fiberglass is also used to absorb music vibrations from harming the car.

Images gallery of common fiberglass applications in sound and heat insulation:

1.Wall Soundproofing using Fiberglass

fiberglass-insulation-in-kenya Kenworks Ventures Company Limited
2. Fiberglass Car Soundproofing

fiberglass-car-insulation-kenya-Kenworks Ventures Company Limited


3.Inside wall /Sound/Heat insulation


fiberglass-insulation-kenya-wall-soundproofing Kenworks Ventures Company Limited


Why Fiberglass is Becoming Popular in Kenya

Many industries and builders are using fiberglass in the recent years than it was in recently replacing the other insulation materials such as Styrofoam (polystyrene foam) and polyethylene foam. Some of the factors driving the uptake of fiberglass insulation blankets include:

  1. Efficiency: Fiberglass rolls have higher thermal and sound insulation efficiencies than other common insulation materials available in the country.
  2. Cost: Fiberglass rolls are cost effective compared to their effectiveness. One square metre of fiberglass has a price range of Sh. 600 to sh. 900 depending on the quality.
  3. Fire Rating: Fiberglass blanket is non-combustible. This makes a suitable material in residential houses and industrial applications where there is risk of fire. As a fire retardant, fiberglass will stop the spread of fire in house.

Where to Buy Fiberglass Insulation Blankets in Kenya

Fiberglass Insulation blankets are industrial insulation materials. Most suppliers are based in Nairobi. Kenworks Ventures Company Limited is leading suppliers of high-quality fiberglass blankets (roll) in Kenya and East Africa. The company headquarters is in Nairobi but we are able to send to various towns in Kenya, as well as Dar es Salaam, Kigali, Kampala and Juba.

Contact Kenworks Ventures Company Limited via +254 722 706 416 or +254 720 119 668

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