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Kenworks Ventures Company Limited is a large distributor of Aluminium sheets within the Kenyan Market and across the borders. Our Aluminium Sheets come in a standard size of 8ft*4ft all thicknesses. We stock grade Aluminium Grade 1050, Aluminium Grade 6063, Aluminium Grade 7075 etc. Call us today through +254 722 706 416.



Kenworks Ventures Company Limited is a large distributor / supplier of Aluminium sheets within the Kenyan Market and across the borders. Our Aluminium Sheets come in a standard size of 8ft*4ft with all thickness and grades. We have the below grades:

Aluminum Grade 6063

Aluminium 6063 is a low to medium strength aluminium alloy, but can be used to create more complex shapes and sections. It exhibits good corrosion resistance and a high surface finish and can be anodised to produce different surface finishes. Commonly referred to as an architectural alloy, it is normally used in intricate extrusions. It has a good surface finish, high corrosion resistance, is readily suited to welding and can be easily anodised. Most commonly available as T6 temper, in the T4 condition it has good formability.

Chemical Properties

Element Manganese (Mn) Iron (Fe) Magnesium (Mg) Silicon (Si) Zinc (Zn) Copper (Cu) Aluminium (Al)
% Present 0.0 – 0.10 0.0 – 0.35 0.45 – 0.90 0.20 – 0.60 0.0 – 0.10 0.0 – 0.10 Balance

Typical Applications

6063 is typically used in: Hand railing, furniture and various extruded architectural profiles such as window frames, doors & roofs, Sign frames, Shop Fittings and Irrigation tubing.

Available in:

  • Round Rods
  • Flats
  • Angles

Aluminum Grade 1050

Aluminum alloy 1050 is a popular grade of aluminum for general sheet metal work where moderate strength is required. It is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, high ductility and highly reflective finish. It has low mechanical strength compared to more significantly alloyed metals. It can be strengthened by cold working, but not by heat treatment.

Chemical Composition

Element Cu Mg Si Fe Mn Zn Ti Al
% Present 0 – 0.05 0 – 0.05 0 – 0.25 0 – 0.4 0 – 0.05 0 – 0.07 0 – 0.05 Balance


Typical Applications

Aluminum 1050 is commonly used for Chemical process plant equipment, Food industry containers, Pyrotechnic powder, Architectural flashings, Lamp reflectors, Cable sheathing

Available in:

  • Sheet form

Aluminum Grade 7075

7075 aluminium alloy is an aluminium alloy, with zinc as the primary alloying element. It is strong, with a strength comparable to many steels, and has good fatigue strength and average machinability. When machined it produces curled or easily broken chips but results in a good surface finish. It displays high hardness and strength but poor weldability and corrosion resistance. It is commonly used in the aerospace industry and typically available in rounds and rectangles.

Chemical Analysis

Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Others Ai
0.40 0.50 1.2 – 2.0 0.30 2.1 – 2.9 0.18 – 0.28 5.1 – 6.1 0.15 0.15 The rest

Typical Applications

Aluminum 7075 alloy is mainly used in manufacturing aircraft and other aerospace applications, rock climbing equipment, bicycle components, inline skating-frames and hang glider airframes are commonly made from 7075 aluminum alloy.

Available in:

  • Flats
  • Round Rods


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