Kenworks Ventures Company Limited (KVCL) is one of the leading Kenyan Company in  Thermal Insulation, Refractory Materials, and Sound Proofing Sector. We  supply and market thermal and sound insulating materials within the Kenyan Market and across the borders.

The most common insulation materials we continuously have in stock include Fiberglass Insulation Blankets, Rockwool (Mineral Wool) Blankets, Ceramic Fiber Blankets, Preformed Rockwool (Mineral wool) pipes as well as both Fiberglass and Rockwool Batts (Slabs or rectangular blocks) of different measurements and thickness.

Our team of qualified and experienced specialists under stringent in house quality control system executes projects in cladding and insulation applications in the following:

  • Pipe insulations
  • Tank insulations
  • Boiler insulations
  • Cold insulation for containers / silos
  • Sound Proofing installation on studios, clubs, conference halls e.t.c.
  • Fire Proof applications on walls, ceilings and floors

We believe in offering the highest standards of service to our clients across the country, at the same time providing the best value for money for all projects undertaken.


Thermal Insulation Aluminium Foil (FSK) in Nairobi, Kenya +254 722 706416

Kenworks Ventures Company Limited is the leading distributor of Thermal Insulation Aluminium Foil (FSK) in the Kenyan market and across the borders. We keep in stock Single Side Foil Scrim Kraft Facing which is a 3 way Scrim Aluminium foil used as facing for Glass wool insulation, Rockwool insulation, HVAC duct, preformed pipe insulation and mineral wool.

Get in touch with us to place an order through +254 722 706416/+254 720 119668 or email us via